Barney is a rather lazy bear, always searching for ways not to have to work. He is hanging out in the woods looking for something to eat when, on the other side of the creek, he eyes a bush full of ripe blackberries.

    - Excellent, he says. I’ll take a swim, fill myself with berries and rest a bit in the shade. 

    - Where there’s a hive there’s honey, he says to himself, feeling lucky.

     Barney loves honey above everything else, and he takes a step closer to the hive. A bee standing guard sees him and buzzes angrily around his face. Outraged, he waves his arms and runs after the bee, but she stays a safe distance. The other bees watch him running in circles, and thinks he looks like a fool.

    - I’ll teach you! I’ll show you who the boss is here! he yells, as he tries to catch the bee.

    He is trespassing, but it doesn’t even cross his mind that he is the one in the wrong. He is angry and plots to tear down the hive. This goes to show that Barney isn’t the brightest on the block.

   Furious, he finds a large branch and takes a few steps towards the hive. The worker bees in the clover field nearby are alerted and an angry swarm heads fast and furious straight towards his head....