To the dismay of the mouse community a cat has been introduced onto the property to guard the food, and as the weeks pass the mice are getting hungrier and hungrier. 

   They can go out and hunt for their meal but they are used to finding food in the house, and prefer instead to complain about the cat. 

    Finally, an Emergency Session is called by the Elders to solve the problem. 

   - Attention, please, says the High Elder. Attention! We are here today to find a solution to the cat problem. Our supplies are running short, and time is running out. 

   The mice agree; it is time to act. They form committees and subcommittees and plan a date for their next meeting. The two youngest mice, Ally and Benny, are not invited to be part of a committee, which for them is actually a good thing. All the mice are so busy complaining and arguing no one takes notice of them. Best friends, they are always going off on adventures together.

   They leave the house early in the morning and roam the countryside, hunting for food and discovering things like the marsh, where they make friends with the frog community that recently moved there.  

    At the next meeting the mice gather to share their ideas. Ally and Benny stay in the back of the room to listen. 

  - We can find a dog to chase the cat away from the house, says one group. Everyone thinks it is a grand idea, until the Elders ask where they can find a dog. 

  - Uhhh…Well...We hadn’t thought of that....