Fox is hot, tired, hungry and grumpy. He's been hunting all day for a job, and sits on a bench in the park to rest in the shade.

  He opens the newspaper to the “Classified” section but finds nothing of interest. He puts the newspaper down, takes off his hat and leans back to take a nap. That’s when he sees the grapes, hanging from a vine right above him.

   - My goodness, look at that, grapes! he says to himself. I'll bet if I stand on the bench, I can reach them.

   He stands on the bench and reaches as high as he can but the grapes are too far off. He uses his newspaper to swat them down. Still too far. He steps back a few paces and jumps straight up.

    Nothing. He steps back even further, runs and jumps as high as he can. To no avail. 

   Fox is so absorbed he doesn’t notice Bunny, passing through the park on her way to market. She has stopped to observe Fox jumping around like a maniac.

   She looks at her watch, sits on the bench, sips her cappuccino, picks up the newspaper and starts reading. She looks up, amused, to contemplate Fox. Fox is getting very frustrated indeed, not to say extremely tired. He is about to kick the vine when Bunny speaks.

   - What’s up, honey? Can’t reach those grapes? They sure look tasty....