A certain frog called Freddie likes to go alone to the marsh early in the morning. As usual she looks over towards the furthest side of the pond where the bulls gather to drink. They’re fighting. Again. 

   There are always skirmishes on that side of the pond as all the bulls want the best spot near the water. Usually everyone calms down, but not lately.  

   - It seems the arguments are getting worse, and more frequent, she says to her best friend Thelma. 

    - I wouldn’t worry, says Thelma. They’re always bickering.

   Freddie hopes Thelma is right, and they go together the next day, and the next, for a whole week. They notice that each passing day the bulls are angrier and angrier, and to drink they move closer to where the frogs live. 

   - I think you’re right, says Thelma. The bulls look dangerous. They warn the other frogs, but no one will listen. 

    - The bulls have been arguing since anybody can remember.

    - It’s a big pond, there’s no danger, relax. 

    - It’s not our fight.

    - We’re doing fine here in the marsh, stop worrying.

    - Get married.

    Some frogs agree there’s a problem. They talk about it but do nothing, as if there were nothing to worry about....