A group of frogs are lazing around the pond, not doing much of anything. Now we all know that lazing around not doing much of anything can be agreeable for a short minute, but after a while it can also lead to no good.

    Charlie floats by on a lotus leaf, looking quite content.

    - Hey Charlie! What’s up? hollers one frog.

    - Just floating, enjoying the morning sun, says Charlie.

    - Catch any flies? asks a second frog.

    - Caught a half dozen downstream, he replies. Charlie likes to get up early, and knows where the tastiest bugs can be found.

    Not that they are hungry or anything, as there are more than enough bugs around the pond. They have everything they need to be comfortable, yet still they feel dissatisfied.Having become very lazy in everything they take everything for granted and are not inclined to use their brains for any real thinking. After some discussion they conclude that what is missing is they have no kingdom.

    The more they think about it the more a real kingdom seems appealing. Only Charlie thinks it’s a bad idea. All the other fogs are too excited to listen to him. However, they run into a problem. They agree, reasonably enough, that a kingdom needs a king.

    - We can’t have a kingdom without a king.  

    A delegation is sent to Olympus for an arranged meeting with Zeus, god of gods, to make their official request.

    Zeus looks down on the ungrateful frogs as they make their arduous journey up the mountain. He has given them the best life imaginable on earth, and still they complain....