What can I say?

I would if I could and know 
I should, 

but something
always gets in the way!
What can I say?

I would if I could and know 
I should, 

but something
always gets in the way!
You should act like John,
you should act like Page.

You should act better,
You should act your age!

Everyone tells me how
I should act, including my
cousin Pat.

All day long!
Sam you should go here.
Sam you should go there.

You should walk faster,
you should work harder,
and not just sit in your chair.
Everyone tells me where to go,
including my brother Joe.

All day long!
What can I say?

I would if I could and know 
I should, 

but something
always gets in the way!
Sam you should do this.
Sam you should do that.

You should try harder,
you should eat better,
or you'll get fat!

Everyone tells me what to do,
including my sister Sue.

All day long!
1                                                                            2
3                                                                            4
5                                                                           6
9                                                                           10
7                                                                           8

Theatre games - Improvisations
Grammar - Phonics
Crossword Puzzles - Tongue Twisters

TV Facts



The Remote

Two to three actors

You will need
A “remote control” which can be an eraser or any small rectangular object. For ESL you can write on the blackboard the different television programs, including commercials.

One actor (A) sits in front of an imaginary television “screen” with a "remote".

One or two actors (B,C) are facing A (in the imaginary tv) and act out the different programs. 

A says out loud what he/she wants to watch while B and C must act out the scene, must not change stations too quickly.

The television actors must play off each other: If A speaks about the storm coming in, will point to an invisible map and show the storm descending with wide movements. They can both be "blown" off stage. For a cowboy movie if B jumps on a horse, C also jumps on a horse in pretend pursuit. If it's a cooking channel one explains while the other chops...



​I'm Ruined!

Two Actors
The Boss and The Secretary

Both wear jackets and scarves (hats optional)

You will need

- Two jackets, scarves (hats optional) large enough to fit everyone in the group. 

- For the secretary: An envelope with a note that says: "You just lost everything!"
a notebook and a pen. 

ESL: You can put suggestions of sentences on the board


Boss is on the phone, making plans to... play golf, take the boat to the Caribbean, fly to Paris...?

Secretary walks up and hands Boss the envelope. Boss opens it, and finds out s/he has lost everything in bad investments. 

Boss waves the paper in the air, blames everyone else for his/her misfortune, and walks back and forth extremely upset: 

I've lost everything! My house! My boat! My plane!.....I'm an idiot!

Secretary follows Boss close behind and agrees to everything Boss says as soon as s/he says it, in a matter of fact way, and writes it down (pretend) in the notebook: 

Yes, you've lost everything....You lost your house... Your boat... Your plane... You're an idiot.


When the Leader says "Change!" the rest of the group starts a countdown slowly 
from ten to one.

The Boss and the Secretary have ten seconds to trade jackets, scarves (hats), paper, notebook, and pen so that the Secretary becomes the Boss and the Boss becomes the Secretary... 

On the tenth second the new Boss must go right into the pacing back and forth, listing his/her losses, with the secretary right behind repeating everything.



That, These, This, Those, Thus  - Thank, Think, Thought, Through, Thrust

The first time around say the the words like shots, full stop in between each word.

That! These! This! Those! Thus!  
Thank! Think! Thought! Through! Thrust!

Repeat a few times, then start low and end very loud. 
Repeat then do the reverse. Start loud and end low.

Repeat the words, except this time around don't pause in between, as if they were one word.


Repeat a few times, start low to loud, then loud to low.
Make it intense, as if sharing an important secret!



To run, To hide, To eat

Use the same method as above so the verbs are well assimilated

Make sentences with the following

Cannot, Could not, Would not, Shall not, Should not



I thought a thought but the thought I'd thought wasn't the thought I thought I'd thought.

Sheep shouldn't sleep in a bed, sheep should sleep in a shed.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 


11                                                                           12
13                                                                           14
15                                                                           16
17                                                                           18
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SIZE: 8.5 X 8.5

​"The Electric Telescope"

The first television was made in 1884 by Paul Nipkow of Germany. 

Russian scientist Constantin Perskyi coined the word "television" in 1900.

First American television station started working in 1928

"The Visionette"

Television made by the Western TelevisIon Co. in Chicago in 1929

In 1941 twenty seconds of air time was $9. 

Today, air time can cost up to $3 million for thirty seconds at the Super Bowl.