Mouse is having a grand time chasing King Leo’s tail though she knows it’s dangerous. However, he is getting older and slower, and she can’t help teasing him.

    The old lion is fairly laid back, for a king, but Mouse is getting on his nerves and the more he’s nervous the more his tail switches, and the more his tail switches the more Mouse has fun chasing it. Finally, with one quick swipe, Leo catches her with his huge paw.

   - So sorry, so sorry! I promise I won’t chase your tail any more, please let me go! says Mouse.

    The king looks down at the small, scared animal. As if it were that easy! He has a reputation to uphold. If word gets out he let her go it would be seen as a weakness. Who would respect him then?

    - I don’t think so, he says.

    - Please, begs Mouse. Give me my freedom and one day I will return the favor. Leo laughs. How could something so small do him any service?

    - How could you ever help me, Lion, King and Ruler of the Land? However, you have spirit and I’ll let you go with a warning. Stay away, don’t ever get near me again or the next time you won’t be so lucky. 

     - I promise! Never again!

     - And one more thing…don’t tell anyone.

     Mouse agrees, the matter is settled and life goes on as usual. Then one morning the old lion falls into a net set by hunters, camouflaged in a cluster of trees. The more he tries to free himself the more he gets tangled. There is nothing he can do except wait for the hunters to take him away. Dark thoughts enter his head, of what will happen to him....