Rooster and Dog decide to leave the farm to see the world, and the next morning they set off in high spirits. 

     - What a beautiful day! says Rooster, delighted to be on this adventure. 

     - Absolutely, replies Dog. A very beautiful day.

    They walk in silence, admiring the landscape. It truly is a remarkably beautiful day, as often one finds in the Spring. The flowers are all blooming on the trees, pink, white, yellow. The new grass bright green and shining in the clear morning sun. The streams bubbling with clean, fresh water from the melting snow in the mountains.

    There are few things in life more pleasant than an adventure with a good friend. Every so often they pause under the shade of a tree where an abundance of birds are busy making their nests. By the end of the day they are quite tired and search for a place to sleep. 

     It’s not easy; Rooster needs a high branch to perch while Dog needs a shelter. Finally, they find what they are looking for, an old tree trunk with a big a hole, and a high branch for Rooster to perch. They eat their dinner and settle for the night.

      Early the next morning, as was his habit, Rooster starts crowing. 

     - Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do!

    The noise wakes Fox, whose den is not far from the old tree. Does he hear correctly? Cock-a-doodle-doo? In the woods? Hum. He quickly goes to see for himself. He hasn’t had a meal ages, and rooster stew is one of his favorite things to eat! He leaves his den and approaches the tree trunk, casually, as if he is just taking a morning walk, and happens to look up. 

     - Good morning, he says politely. What a beautiful day.​...