Fox is well known in the forest for his pranks. He is the only one who thinks they are funny but even so he can’t help himself. It is in his nature, which is why nobody can understand when Stork accepts his invitation to dinner. 

   Initially she’d declined. Thank you for the invitation but really, I have an appointment, she’d say, but Fox will not let up until Stork finally says yes, she will have dinner with him.

   - I am honored, says Fox. I’ll see you this evening.

    Maybe Fox can be serious after all? 

   That evening Stork makes her way to Fox’s home. A delicious smell of food comes from inside and she realizes how hungry she is. Fox is gracious, he invites Stork to sit and wait while he gets the meal together.

   Only when he brings the plates to the table does Stork see that Fox is up to his usual tricks. The plates are flat and there is no way Stork can taste the food with her long beak. She does try, the smell is so good, but she never gets even a bite.
   Fox cannot contain his laughter watching Stork peck at the plate. He claps and rolls on the floor while Stork sits there feeling silly to have fallen for his tricks.

    A week later Stork sees Fox down by the water hole. 

   - Mister Fox, she says politely. I have way too much food for tonight’s dinner. Would you care to come and share with me?...​