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Mouse facts


The Guide and The Blindman

Members of the group form pairs. A wears a blindfold, B is the guide.


The team of two decide on a repetitive sound (Ba-Ba-Ba or Beep-Beep-Beep...)). 
The guide (A) walks slowly in front of the blind actor (B) making the sound. 

If the group is large the sounds will mingle, so the blind actor must pay pay close attention to his/her sound while the guide negotiates his/her way through the group.

Exchange roles



The guide stands behind the blind actor and guides him/her by touching his/her back. 

Touch the center near the neck to walk straight ahead.
Touch the right shoulder to turn right.
Touch the left shoulder to turn left.
Touch the lower center of the back to stop.

Exchange roles

In both cases, with a large group, the guide must avoid running into the other actors.


Where is the mouse?

A (blindfolded) and B (the guide) leave the room while the group hides something (a mouse) on the "stage". 

In this case the guide is there just to make sure that the blind actor doesn't hurt himself/herself while he/she searches for the "mouse". 

The audience is encouraged to give directions.

If this is an ESL class, write down the possible directions the audience can say to encourage the blind actor.



Man, Men, Mine, Mouse, Must - What, When, Win, Wow, Whup

The words are said in different ways.
The first time around say them like shots, pausing in between each word. 

Man! Men! Mine! Mouse! Must!
What!  When!  Win!  Wow!  Whup!

Repeat a few times, then start low and end very loud. 
Repeat then do the reverse. Start loud and end low.


This time around don't pause in between the words, as if they were just one word.


Repeat a few times, start low to loud
Repeat then do the reverse, loud to low
Make it intense, as if sharing an important secret.


To run, To hide, To eat

Use the same method as above so the verbs are well assimilated



Two Actors
The Boss and The Secretary. Both wear jackets and scarves (hats optional)

You will need

- Jackets, scarves (and hats) large enough to fit everyone in the group. 

- An envelope where inside is a list of luxury items: a boat, a plane, a fancy house, a big pool...

- A notebook and a pen. 

ESL: You can put suggestions of sentences on the board


Boss is on the phone, making plans to... play golf, take the boat to the Caribbean, fly to Monte Carlo...?

Secretary walks up and hands Boss a letter. Boss opens it, reads it and finds out s/he has lost everything in bad investments. 

Boss waves the paper in the air, blames everyone else for his/her misfortune, and walks back and forth extremely upset: 

I've lost everything! My house! My boat! My plane!.....I'm an idiot!

Secretary follows Boss close behind and agrees to everything Boss says as soon as s/he says it, in a matter of fact way, and writes it down (pretend) in the notebook: 

Yes, you've lost everything....You lost your house... Your boat... Your plane... You're an idiot.

When the Leader says "Change!" the rest of the group starts counting from ten to one.

The Boss and the Secretary have ten seconds to trade jackets, scarves (hats), paper, notebook, and pen so that the Secretary becomes the Boss and the Boss becomes the Secretary... 

On the tenth second the Boss must go right into the pacing back and forth, listing his/her losses, with the secretary right behind repeating everything.



​Mad Miss Mouse mussed the mustard on the Mac.

Betty bought butter but the butter was bitter, so Betty bought better butter to make the bitter butter better.

The blind mice blew bugles



"The Mouse in the House"

(To the music of "Three Blind Mice")

A mouse in the house, a mouse in the house, see how it runs, see how it runs. 

It ran through the door and slid on the floor, it jumped on the chair and in Claire's hair, 

It ran to Joe's room and got hit by a broom. 

The mouse in the house.

A mouse in the house, a mouse in the house, see how it runs, see how it runs. 

It ran through the plants and into my pants, it jumped over Drew's shoe and Uncle Jack's back, it slid over a plate and ate Aunt Kate's cake.

The mouse in the house!


Mice are pests in the house, no doubt. However they are fascinating animals.

Here are a few fun facts

A group of mice is called a "mischief".

Male mice will court females with an ultrasonic song.

Female mice can have babies when they are just two months old.

A pair of mice and their pups can produce as many as 8,000 babies a year.

 Mice can produce ultrasound to chat with each other. They use their facial expressions and body language to communicate and convey their mood.

A mouse’s heart will beat anywhere from 310 to 840 times per minute.
A human heart beats between 60 to 100 times a minute. 


Gopher mice live underground.

Draw what you would imagine a house underground!
SIZE: 8.5 X 8.5