Setting for scenes in Act One
(Scroll down for placements)

A long table upstage (back) with a green material and vinyl fringe.

A long strip of plastic and/or blue material representing a stream 
   crosses downstage (near the audience). 

A tree on one side of the stage, near the stream
   Underneath the tree a long-neck bottle with pebbles around it, for Crow in Scene Three.
   Behind the tree is a large net for Lion in Scene One. Th Hunters will take it away at the end.

A step ladder with a brown cloth over it, on the opposite side of the tree
   for Rooster in Scene Two. It will be placed without the cloth, behind the 
   "vine" for Crow to perch in Scene Seven.


Scene One: Lion and Mouse -  The Hunters will take the net 
                                                  offstage at the end of the scene.

Scene Two: Dog, Rooster and Fox - Dog and Rooster use the step ladder as an old tree trunk. 
                                                          Dog behind and Rooster on top.
                                                          The table is the Fox’s den.

Scene Three: Crow and Pitcher - Crow finds the long necked bottle under the tree.

Scene Four: Tortoise and Hare - A container/hat to pull the names of the two contestants. 
                                                    A basket with slices of pie, a bottle of wine and a glass for Bunny. 
                                                    A crown for Tortoise. 
                                                    Noise makers and paper plates for the 
                                                    end celebration.

Scene Five: Frog and the Bulls - You will not see the "Bulls" but you can hear them arguing louder and                                                         louder behind the table, pushing the table around so the grass sways
​                                                     and banging on pots and pans at the very end of the scene.

Scenes Six and Seven - A portable clothes rack covered with leaves, branches.
                                         (a less expensive solution: plumber's pipes)
                                       A bench (or three covered chairs) 


Scene Six: Fox and the Grapes - Plastic grapes, loosely attached to the vine so they fall when Bunny
                                                     shakes the vine (the clothes rack).

Scene Seven: Master Fox and Master Crow - Ladder goes behind the rack.
                                                     A sponge, cut as a quarter slice of cheese.

AESOP ACT ONE - Lesson plans
net: $7
Vinyl grass 

10 ft - $5

Rack: $27

- The actor/s playing The Moralist/s and the Narrator/s are the first to walk onstage with their scripts in a book. They bow to the audience, and sit on chairs far on either side of the stage, close to the audience. 

- When the actors aren't speaking, they mime what the Narrator is saying.

- Before each scene one Announcer comes onstage, bows to The Moralist/s (who bows back) faces the audience, announces the title, bows to the audience, and leaves.

- The Actors who change the scenery do so choreographed, even in a humorous manner, so the change is also part of the performance. 

How many actors in the group will determine how many characters each will play.


The only character that needs a mask is Crow in Scene Three. Otherwise, depending on the age group and if this is to be a performance for children, you can either have costumes that appear to be animals, or clothes that are of the same color as the animals. For example, Lion is a cream color, Mouse is grey, Crow is black.

Accessories can be shawls, jackets and hats. 
Dark glasses are great disguises, for children 
they can be found in different colors, in plastic.

Fox will wear clothes and hats depending on the personality you want to give him, either a slick fox with slick clothes, or more laid back in jeans.

Step ladder
Lion and Mouse
Rooster, Dog and Fox
Crow and the Pitcher
Hare and Tortoise
Frog and the Bulls
Fox and the Grapes
Master Fox and Master Crow
< Hunter's net 
behind the tree
Covered   >
Step ladder
Bench or
three chairs
Clothes rack 
<  with leaves and grapes
Stream  >
Narrators  >
         Morality   >
      <  Narrators
<  Morality
Material and/or plastic for stream
Pitcher for Crow  Pebbles             >
< Tree

The Pitcher stays until the end.
Dog and 
Rooster hide behind the
clothes rack     >
and start their adventure by walking behind the table
< Hunters hide behind     the table.

Fox is hiding under the table for Scene Two

Rooster perches on the ladder
Dog sleeps behind
<  Fox hears Rooster  and exits from the side
Crow is hiding
for Scene Three                               >

Crown, plates and noise makers
are hidden behind the table

King Leo sits on the stepladder.   >
The brown material has been replaced with something more... majestic.
Hare falls asleep here 
The frog community hangs
out here drinking margaritas
Freddie and Thelma observe 
the bulls from here
Bulls are hidden behind the table and holler with things to make noise (pots...)
< Partitions
Rooster and Dog walk in this direction  >>>

<<<<<      Bunny comes in 
from here and sits
on the stepladder
Fox comes in 
from here and 
sits on the 
bench                >>>>
Crow (or Crow Puppet) stands on the table with the cheese in his mouth
Master Fox 
comes in 
from here            >>>>
AESOP ACT TWO - Lesson plans