Lesson Plan


Improves pattern recognition

"Balloon Sentences"

​Blow up balloons and write a word on each one to make a sentence that you write on the blackboard. If you have a large group, use two sentences that don't have the same words.

The students toss the balloons to each other. When you say "Stop" the students must keep a balloon and line up to form the sentence/s. 

Each student says the word on his/her balloon so there is no space between the words. Do this several times until the sentence flows. 


(Please refer to the Sample Lesson Plan for the exercises)

Frank, Free, Friend, Frog, Frump - Shall, Shell, Shin, Shot, Shut

Friend, Fend, Pend, Lend, Bend, Mend, Send, Tend

CONJUGATE: To sell, To catch, To build


Two actors

A gets ready to leave the house, puts on (imaginary) jacket, hat, looks for and finds briefcase. S/he can speak about the appointment s/he doesn't want to be late for, checks himself/herself in the mirror, feeds the cat, etc. 

Each student must change the scenario a bit when its his/her turn, for example, change the appointment, feed the goldfish, lose a birthday present instead of the keys...

S/he Walks out the door (make sure the audience has a real feel for the "door" being opened with exaggerated movements) and realizes s/he doesn't have his/her keys/birthday present. S/he walk back in the house and starts searching, talking to him/herself. "Now where did I put those ...? Where was the last time I saw them?..."  

A's friend B walks in and observes A, asks what A is looking for and decides to help by standing close behind and doing and saying EXACTLY EVERYTHING A is doing.


​Fred's friend Freddy fried freezing fresh fritters in the fryer.

Bug's buddy the bug Bud baked bread before breakfast.


​"The Snail"

By William Cowper, 1751

 To grass, or leaf, or fruit, or wall, the snail sticks close, nor fears to fall,
As if he grew there, house and all. Together.

Within that house secure he hides when danger imminent betides
Of storm, or other harm besides. The weather.

Give but his horns the slightest touch his self-collecting power is such,
He shrinks into his house, with much. Displeasure.


By Bandicam. A bug song to dance to, very well done!
Clever idea by makeandtakes.com
There are some amazingly complicated and beautiful origami snails. I could not keep from putting one up!
Tube bugs from Go Life Crafts
Mouse finger puppets
Giraffe weevil

Dragonflies have been on earth for 300 million years, they are older than the dinosaurs.

Bee’s wings beat 190 times a second, that’s 11,400 times a minute.

Caterpillars have 12 eyes.

One dung beetle can drag 1,141 times its weight – that’s like a human pulling six double-decker buses.

Butterflies taste with their feet.

Centipedes have about 177 pairs of legs, depending on the species. Interestingly, centipedes always have an odd number of pairs of legs.

Millipedes can have up to 333 pairs of legs, that makes 666 legs!