Lesson Plan


Improves cognitive category formation

"Find the Word"

Friendly competition, two teams or more.

ONE: Write sentences on the blackboard (large print) make sure there are the same number of words as students.
          You can double the sentences with two words per student.

TWO: Students write the words in the sentences on cards (or paper squares). 

THREE: Place the slips of paper face down on the table.

Students choose a card/s. If the word fits, the student writes the word under the sentence. 

VARIATION: See how many ways the words can be turned around to form different sentences, or a question.


(Please refer to the Sample Lesson Plan for the exercises)

​Halt, Help, Hip, Hope, Hulk - Clack, Clever, Click, Clock, Clump

Clump, Hump, Frump, Stump, Jump, Lump, Pump, Bump, Dump, Rump, Slump, Trump

CONJUGATE - To jump, To sing, To work, To freeze


Two, three or four actors

You can discuss what the warehouse is storing (Sam's Socks, Albert's Underwear...) and a jingle to answer the phone.

The Boss walks into his warehouse. A faucet broke during the night and the floor is flooded. Boss finds the guard, who is sleeping. Boss is furious and hollers while the guard defends him/herself (doesn't get paid enough for the long hours, etc.) For ESL students 

The phone rings. Boss shlops to the table, still arguing, picks up and says in a sweet and professionally calm voice: "Sam's Socks, Best socks for your buck, Sam speaking ... Yes. Yes. Everything is just fine, the order is in..." 

This is just an example, the student improvises. 

When Boss hangs up s/he and the guard continue the argument, until the phone rings again. 

VARIATION: A client (or two) knocks on the door. Both the boss and the guard do what they can to keep the client from seeing the mess, while the client tries to look over their shoulder.

EVEN MORE INTERESTING: A spider crawls up the guard (or boss') leg, so that while the one is going nuts trying to get rid of t,he spider the other has to appease the client.


Of all the felt I ever felt, I never felt a piece of felt which felt as fine as that felt felt.

We surely shall see the sun shine soon.


Way down south where bananas grow
A grasshopper stepped on an elephant’s toe.
The elephant said, with tears in his eyes,
Pick on somebody your own size!
If you want it even more durable and water resistant, once dry, spray it several times with shiny varnish.
Jumping grasshoppers
1- Trim the edge of a coffee filter to create an uneven, organic shape.

2- Make lines, spots, and blobs on the coffee filter with non-permanent markers.

3- Drape the coffee filter over an upside-down plastic cup or yogurt container.

4- Apply spray starch to the filter until the marker colors bleed together and the coffee filter is completely wet.

5- Let the filter dry.

Idea by Rachel Motta

Grasshoppers appeared 300 million years ago, before the dinosaurs.

There are 11,000 species around the world.

They have special organs in their hind legs that store energy for jumping.

​Grasshoppers have ears on their bellies.

They make sounds by rubbing their hind legs against their forewings. Special pegs on the inside of the hind leg act like a percussion instrument.


Ants appeared 140 million years ago.

There are three kinds of ants in a colony: The queen, the female workers, and males. The queen and the males have wings, while the workers don't have wings. 

The queen is the only ant that can lay eggs. The male ant's job is to mate with future queen ants and they do not live very long afterwards.

There are 10,000 species around the world.

They can carry fifty times their weight.

They communicate with chemicals in their bodies.