Lesson Plan
Cat toy: an old sock, add catnip.

Hand painting
Ancient Egyptian cat mummies

​Improves motor skills

"The Mad Scientist"

Six students at a time, paired up into three teams. One is the scientist, the other is the robot. The robots are perfectly still while the scientists try to get them to work. 

Disgusted, the scientists walk away but as soon as their backs are turned the robots move and make noises. Each time the scientists turn to look at their robot the robot stops moving and is silent. The second time around the scientist is the robot and the robot is the scientist.



(Please refer to the Sample Lesson for the exercises)

Bait, Beet, Bit, Boat, Bump - Crate, Cream, Crisp, Crop, Crump

bait, grate, mate, freight, hate, crate, late, slate, plate

​CONJUGATE: To draw, To deal, To forget


"The Indian Restaurant"

Two tables with two chairs each, facing the audience

Four customers walk into a restaurant, in pairs. The owner greets them profusely, sits them at the two tables, and calls over the waiter, who hands out menus (real or imaginary).

What sort of personality traits do the owner and the waiter have? What is their relationship? Did they just have an argument? Is the waiter overly cheerful, or is s/he having a bad hair day?

Once the customers have chosen, the waiter comes to take the orders, and brings the dishes. The customers start eating. One person at each table finds the food very tasty. The second person at each table finds the food very spicy.

So, while the first two chat about how delicious the food is, their partners slowly realize it's very spicy. They must express this to the audience without speaking: They grab a glass of water, grip their throats and slowly fall off the chairs to the ground. They try to get up but, overcome, they fall back.

The two who find the food tasty do not see what is happening. Oblivious, they continue to chat facing the audience about how yummy the food is. Eventually, when they realize there is no answer, they turn to where their partners were sitting. They are astonished to see them missing, and look to to right, to the left, all around until they lean over the table and see them on the floor.


How many cats can can a canned can of canned ham.

Reggie the Rat ratted on Rita Rogers.


My Fat Cat

by James McDonald

I've a cat named Vesters, and he eats all day.
He always lays around, and never wants to play.

Not even with a squeaky toy, nor anything that moves.
When I have him exercise, he always disapproves.

So we've put him on a diet, but now he yells all day.
And even though he's thinner, he still won't come and play.


"You Are My Sunshine"

Remind the group that they must not leave a space between the sentences. 

Write the song on the blackboard and sing it slowly a couple of times. 
Divide the class into two and have each side sing one line. Have each student sing one line.

– You are my sunshine
            – My only sunshine. 
– You make me happy 
                   – When the skies are gray. 
– You'll never know, dear, 
              – How much I love you. 
– Please don't take my sunshine
 – Away.
Fold stock paper in half 
Cat facts

A cat has 230 bones, more than a human.

They have one hundred sounds to communicate.

Their collarbone doesn’t connect with its other bones. This allows cats to squeeze through small spaces.

Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head size of any other mammal.

Each cat’s nose pad is unique, similar to a human fingerprint.

Cats greet one another by touching noses.

A group of kittens is called a kindle, and a group of adult cats is called a clowder.

In ancient Egypt, humans shaved their eyebrows as a way of showing grief when a family cat had passed. Cats were so loved in Egypt a person could be put to death for mistreating them.

Simple, seriously.