1                                                                      2
3                                                                  4
5                                                                  6
7                                                             8
9                                                            10
11                                                            12
13                                                           14
15                                                          16
17                                                          18
19                                                         20
21                                                        22

Theatre games - Improvisations
Grammar - Phonics
Crossword Puzzles - Tongue Twisters

​Parrot facts

23                                                        24

You will need 

1 - Two cards for each vegetable, one with the image, and one with the word.
2 - Two containers to put the cards.

One box holds the images of vegetables, folded in half, image inside. 
The other box has the names of vegetables, folded in half, word inside. 

If you have time have the group make the cards.

 If there are (for example) twelve participants in the group, have six images and six names per game. If the number is uneven, make one participant the leader. If there is only one person, place the images face down and try to remember which is where to match with the image.


  Half the students pick from the box with the images. The other half picks from the second box with the words. They must hide their images/words and walk around pretending to be extra polite, bowing to each other, "What a nice day," anything to distract attention from the cards (tell the group everyone is a potential detective or spy).

  When you say "Now!" everyone holds up the images and words, and pairs up.

  Start over. Maybe with new vegetables or fruits. This time around the group walks as if the ground were sticky. The third time around as if the ground were hot.....



​One or more actors

  The group walks around the room slowly, looking for something on the ground. 
The participants are careful not touch each other.

After a minute or so the leader gives instructions

Stop. Look closely at a spot on the ground and grab a carrot top. Pull. It won't budge. Pull harder. Harder! Grab a shovel to dig it out. Shake off the dirt off the carrot and lift it high, as a trophy. Taste it.


Make certain the movements are large and deliberate. 
The objective is to entertain the audience.

How does it taste? 

The leader has a list of different expressions that he/she will read out. 

The participants must make a face describing the word. Sour, spicy, sweet, bitter...


Two or more participants line up, facing the audience. You can have a real carrot, or the drawing of a carrot

The purpose is to keep the words and movements 
uninterrupted from one student to the next.

The first participant in line passes the carrot to the participant next to him/her. 


1– Do you like carrots?  
2– No, I don’t like carrots! ( 2 takes the carrot and turns to 3 ) Do you like carrots?
3– No, I don’t like carrots! ( 3 takes the carrot and turns to 4 ) Do you like carrots?
4– No, I don’t like carrots! ( 4 takes the carrot and turns to 5 ) Do you like carrots?
5– No, I don’t like carrots! ( 5 takes the carrot and turns to 6 ) Do you like carrots?

6– Yes, I do, I love carrots! 

Write a list of positive adjectives


Change the pronouns 

Does "he" like carrots?

Does "she" like carrots? 

Do "they" like carrots?

No he doesn't!

Yes he does, he loves carrots...



Fan, Fence, Find, Fond, Fund - Ran, Red, Rim, Rose, Rust

The first time around say the the words like shots, full stop in between each word.

Fan! Fence! Find! Fond! Fund!  
Ran! Red! Rim! Rose! Rust!

Repeat a few times, then start low and end very loud. 
Repeat then do the reverse. Start loud and end low.


Repeat the words, except this time around don't pause in between, as if they were one word.


Repeat a few times, start low to loud, then loud to low.
Make it intense, as if sharing an important secret!



To make, To grow, To cut

Use the same method as above so the verbs are well assimilated

Make sentences with the following

I didn't take.............          I will eat..............      I won't go............



Kate counted the countless carrot cakes carried by crazy Count Kerry.

Perry, Paul and Pete put the plastic plates in a perfect pile.

Carol's cat carries carrots in a cart.



My Parrot He Won't Eat His Parrots

(To the tune of: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

My parrot, he won’t eat his carrots, he doesn’t like carrots you see.
My parrot, he won’t eat his carrots, how silly my parrot can be.

My parrot, he truly hates carrots, he’d rather eat honey and bread.
My parrot, he won’t eat his carrots, he’d rather eat candy instead.


II Wish I Were a Pepperoni Pizza

(To the tune of "I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Wiener")

Oh, I wish I were a pepperoni pizza.  That is what I’d truly like to be.
For if I were a pepperoni pizza.  Everyone would be in love with me!



Parrots Can Live Over 100 Years. 

Parrots are the only animal capable of mimicking human speech.
The world record holder knew more than 1,700 words.

 Parrots can weigh up to 7 pounds.

The world's smallest parrot is only 3 inches long. 

Some parrots grind their own calcium supplements.

They taste with the tops of their beaks.

Their feathers contain antibacterial pigments.