I Would if I Could
Should he, could he, or would he? 

9 illustrations, 163 words

The Adventures of Mo and Jo

​Mo and Jo are best friends who like to compete. They don't see cat Capri sneaking up on them!

​Two Bored Turtles

Two turtles almost get caught by a snake because they are so busy being bored. 

A Mouse in The House

The whole family tries to catch a mouse that runs over the table, under the chair and into Aunt Hilda's hair.


With no more water, the animals unite to find another watering hole.

Something Always Gets in the Way!

Everyone tells me what to do, I want to but something always gets in the way.

Hopper and the Ants

​Hopper has a song he wants to share with the ants, but they think he's just lazy.

49 illustrated pages
51 illustrated pages
48 illustrated pages

A Curious Hen

Henrietta wants to see the world, and runs into dangers.

Clever Henri and Crazy Aunt Gail

​A hungry falcon wants to eat Henri, what did Henri say to convince him it was a bad idea?


A very spoiled cat who should be chasing a rat does not think he's spoiled. Do you?
Darn Fly

​A fly is driving a man nuts, yet when he catches it he lets it go. Was that a wise decision?

Oh Dear, There's A Bee on My Rear!

Daisy is hot, cold or stuck in the mud but she will not move until a neighbor has an idea to make her exercise.

My Bad Dog

My dog is always getting into trouble, but my brother says it's because he's a puppy. 

I Can Fly!

​Tye is a fish with an unusual wish, she wants to fly high in the sky.

Friends Forever

A snail loses his shell after a flood. A story of random kindness and lasting friendships.

Traffic Lights

​Traffic lights tell you when to stop, when to wait and when to go, 

Perry The Parrot Does Not Like Carrots!  At All!

Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow, not ever!
The Adventures of Mo and Jo

Mo and Jo are friends who like to compete. They didn't see Cat Capri climb the tree.

The greedy owner of a large mango tree will not share the overflow of mangos with her neighbors.

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