The illustrated stories include online lesson plans with grammar, phonics, theatre exercises, improvisations, dialogues, word games, vocabulary, crosswords, songs, tongue twisters and art projects. 

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The down-to-earth wisdom of his morals is ageless. We are never too old to be reminded to beware of flattery, greed and complacency.
Illustrated stories in verse
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Level Four

  Aesop, born in the 7th c BC, for the most part used animals in his stories so as not to offend his audience. 

The stories were borrowed from local lore to make social statements and depict the foibles of human nature.

In Chapter Two they are assembled in dialogue format for a performance, or as a tool to improve reading skills. 

The Performance
 Setting - Props - Costumes

Instead of age groups, the books are classified according to reading levels and understanding of the English language. 

Level 1

Traffic Lights
Level 4

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Illustrated story in verse

Mr. Brown, a pampered teddy bear, goes through some difficult moments after Hurricane Katrina destroys his home. 

During the terrible months buried in the mud he is helped by Miss Rose, a wise, if not eccentric worm.

The experiences that follow will enrich his life.


12 pages
​Level four - 25 pages
Sury, a cockatiel, escapes from his cage to find the Kingdom of the Birds. In his quest he encounters mentors to encourage him, and forms unusual friendships. He also meets some seedy characters, like Madame Lafolle who lures him into a gilded cage.

Forty-six pages

​60 pages

​46 pages
Twelve stories adapted from Aesop's Fables
In English and in French

The greedy owner of a large mango tree will not share the overflow of mangos with her neighbours.

In the second chapter is a script for a performance. 



20 pages
Why he is willing to go through all the trouble, all the hardship, when he's not even certain the Kingdom exists? 

In the end he understands what his father's friend Greybird was trying to tell him.

Zaine couldn't understand why his mother treated him so badly when he does the same things as his brothers and sisters. 

An old dog tells him it's because his feathers are yellow whereas his siblings' feathers are red.

The dog and two cats help him leave the island on a boat, and he ends up on another island where the priests make people believe he's a god.

 French   Spanish  Italian

Level four - 
14 pages per language

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A restless shoe travels the world
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