​   Some of the books are in "parallel text", two languages side by side, which is the most effective way to learn. 

  The illustrated stories include online lesson plans with grammar, phonics, theatre exercises, improvisations, dialogues, word games, vocabulary, songs, and art projects. They target children but are excellent for ESL students of all ages.

 The list of illustrated stories is in the Stories page. Click on the covers for samples, and on the titles for the lessons. The Sample Lesson explains the active-passive structure of the lessons, so the attention of the student remains at its maximum during the class hour. 

Illustrated stories in verse with online lesson plans - Three reading levels
(Perfect for ESL)
Level One

  Aesop, born in the 7th c BC, wrote his stories and morals for an adult audience. He used animals as his characters so as not to offend his audience or the governing powers. 

 The common sense wisdom of Aesop's morals is ageless. We are never too old to be reminded to beware of flattery, greed and complacency.


English - French

Illustrated in Verse

Don't Touch The Mangos !

  The greedy owner of a large mango tree will not share the overflow of mangos with her neighbors.  Illustrated

Online printable dialogues - sets and props 
for a performance




Alex and Zahni Mysteries 
 Synopsis English  -  Synopsis French  -  Synopsis Spanish
Le Coq Doré                                   

English-Spanish      English-French     Spanish-French  
Twelve stories inspired by Aesop's Fables
with dialogues for a performance

45 pages
Click on the cover for a sample

English-Spanish    English-French   Spanish-French
Parallel text

Samples:   English    French    Spanish
For a Performance:   Sets - Props - Costumes

Stories in

Meric du Val

Parallel text  
Synopsis and Samples
Level Two
Level Three

 The list is in the Stories page. 
Click on the cover for samples and on the titles for the lessons.

The Sample Lesson can be adapted to any subject or age group