Aesop, born in the 7th c BC, intended his stories for an adult audience, and used animals as characters so as not to offend his audience or the governing powers. The common sense wisdom of Aesop's morals is ageless. We are never too old to be reminded to beware of flattery, greed and complacency.

Samples of stories
Stories for young adults,
children,and students
of language


Meric du Val

English-French    English-Spanish    Spanish-French


 Shorefront Mysteries

A trilogy for teens and young adults

 Four young protagonists use logic and reasoning to uncover clues. The underlying goal is to educate youth on historic, political, environmental and social issues. 

The Realm of The Birds

The Pecan Grove - The Golden Rooster


English                                                         French                                                    Spanish

The mouse could be hiding anywhere. Under the table, in the closet, behind the chair or in Aunt Clair's hair.

Illustrated, in verse, with online lesson plan
great for ESL.

Sample​      Lesson Plan

The greedy owner of a mango tree won't share her mangos with her neighbors.

Illustrated, with dialogues for a performance
great for ESL.

​Sample     Performance

Parallel Text
Where the story is in two languages side by side 

     AESOP   Twelve stories inspired by Aesop’s Fables
dialogues in chapter two for a performance. Intermediate 

   The Realm of The Birds    Addresses the price of freedom, personal
 reflection and self-realization. For more advanced language students

   CARUSO  Illustrated, with online, theatre-based lesson plans. 
For children and people new to the language
English - French - Spanish

Shorefront Mysteries Trilogy

Four young protagonists use logic and reasoning to uncover clues. 
Addresses social issues, no murders
English - ESL

 Don't Touch The Mangos!
Illustrated, with dialogues for a performance

What? Where?
Illustrated, under, over, in and out!

From Mesopotamia, around the Black Sea, across the Mediterranean to Sicily and up the Italian peninsula, the 
history of the grapevine is an integral part of civilizations.